Ikce Wicasa Tiospaye a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization
This inipi functions in a traditional way, which means that if there is need on a day or at a time other than what is scheduled, send a note to the email below and it will happen. This is not limited to tiospaye members; our willingness to pray for the health and well-being of others is available to anyone who asks in a respectful way.
Fire Lit/Go In Ceremony begins when the fire is lit. Typically, we are able to go into the inipi about two hours after.
Day/Date These are SCHEDULED inipi. There will be others, which will be posted as they become known. We time regular inipi to the closest weekend day to new and full moon.
The inipi and area up to the deer skull, including wood storage and the table under the awning, is our responsibility and should be kept impeccably clean and well organized as it is sacred ground. We are guests in JD and Tea’s home, so please be mindful of stowing your stuff and, of course, it’s our obligation to keep the areas we use super-clean. When in the lodge area, from the fire pit back, please maintain it as peaceful and prayerful. No smoking, no food, water okay.
NOTE: for the summer months we’ll cut back on the number of stones for lodge. Typically, this is about 16 instead of 28.
12p.m., when ready (around 2:00pm)
Sunday 17 newish moon
The fire will be lit on the morning of the 31st and kept alive throughout the entire series of lodges. If you have experience running a fire, or not, but would like to help, please send me a note so I can schedule. Let me know what time you would be available to run or watch the fire. Once the fire is lit and under way, it’s fairly easy to just make sure there is wood on it and some kind of flame. We need people willing to watch the fire between lodges when we let it recede a tad and then to know when/how to stoke it back in time for the next lodge. We can teach you if you need. Experienced people will always be near by. We also need people comfortable with bringing the stones into the lodge. If you are such a person, please send me a note
December 31 to January 1 New Year Lodges noonish 12/31 dusk 12/31 midnight “crossover” 11pm, 12/31 sunrise before sunlight 1/1 We are still working out who will pour and when, but there will be four water pourers to help you in your ceremony. Plan to stay with us for the entire time, whether you go in all lodges or not. Actually, most people do only one or two. But there is space to tent camp and the bathroom off the lanai is available. Bring food for wopela, or snax, or maybe breakfast -- or all of it!!