Badlands, South Dakota
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The Healing Drum Drum circles have become very popular these days. We adhere to proper ceremonial protocols; hand drums only and rattles; preparing the space; traditional songs only.
Drum healing is a form of energy healing. Whether it's a cold, something more serious, a relationship, or even a new job, healing can happen quicker when we are in a good place emotionally and psychologically. The drumming, the songs, and the Spirits will open you to a deeper understanding and appreciation for the spiritual nature of who you really are.
You continue to benefit from healing ceremony when you revisit it when life gets tough. I often tell people when that happens to, "Come back here, in your mind and emotions -- remember who you are, ask the Spirits to help you." And they will.
Charging Money Renders Ceremony Impotent Several years ago I was talking with my sundance chief and the topic of money for ceremony came up. I told him there was a lot of that going on in south Florida, some outright, some disguised as "suggested donation." He told me not to worry about it. He said, "Once someone puts a set fee for ceremony, it renders that ceremony impotent." This drum circle has continued for over 10 years because of the voluntary support of its members. I am not judgeing people who charge for ceremony. I am educating people to our ways.
Details Please arrive on time; it is discourteous to those who do arrive on time to wait on people who are late. It also eats into the time we have for ceremony. Please RSVP (click pic below) when you know you will make it, if that changes PLEASE NOTIFY US immediately so we can offer your seat to someone else. NO ALCOHOL or DRUGS at least 24 hours prior to ceremony. No recording devices, no broadcasting, no pictures, and please turn off your cell phone. Women are encouraged to wear a skirt or dress to honor the feminine. Men: no hats, dress respectfully.