You will learn the fun art of creating a dreamcatcher first on a five inch metal hoop. After you’ve learned the weave, you’ll make a second dreamcatcher on a natural vine hoop. I sometimes have stones or feathers to decorate your work with and I encourage you to bring what you have for decoration as well. Tuition and materials: $35
Build a hafted rattle (rattle with a “handle”) using rawhide for the chamber. Dowel, palm, or stick hafting used, but if you have something you’d like to use for the hafting, bring it. Tuition and materials: $40
By creating your own basic buckskin project you will know how to create a pattern, what tools are needed, and about sinew and tanners bond. You will get familiar with different hide finishes and learn a basic stitching pattern. Tuition and materials: $40
Crafting Workshops
BUCKSKIN DRUM STICK Tuition and materials: $40 Picture soon come, mon.