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Hi Rick, You would be helping us out with anything from mulching, trimming, weed eating the trails here. I normally have people do from 8am-12pm, or 1pm-4pm (I suggest the 8-12). Right now the dates I have available are both Saturdays. Either August 18 or August 25. Let me know what works for you. Looking forward to working with you. Cara Dressler Volunteer Coordinator volunteers@buschwildlife.org Received Saturday, 28 July: My dates available in October and November. For October every Friday & Saturday is open. For November every Friday & Saturday are available except Thanksgiving weekend. Let me know if any of those dates work better for you!
Volunteering at Busch Wildlife Below is an email from Cara at Busch. Self explanatory. I’ve asked her for Sept - Nov dates and will post them when they arrive. Below her email is their wish-list. If you like, you can bring anything you want to donate to lodge and when we have gathered enough to make a trip, we’ll take it to them.