The term "Red Road" is starting to show up in certain corners of mainstream culture  these days.

                         What does it mean?

            More to the point, what does it imply?

Canku Lute Amani

To Walk the Red Road is to declare one's adherence to certain cultural aspects, if not all, of the indigenous people of Turtle Island (aka North America.) Like anything else in mainstream America, this is often in "degrees of." For instance, some are drawn to the feathers and beads and buskskin, what we call material culture. Others focus more on ceremony and understanding nature and the universe, what we might call spiritual ways.

This talk will look at all of these ideas and practices and more. The purpose is to acquaint you to "the basics" and for some, to add to your growing knowledge of these ways. I encourage your questions during the presentation.

What is ceremony, what is not, are there protocols?

What are some of the major differences in Euro-American and Indigenous cultures?

Must one be Native American to follow these ways?

What are some of the major differences in science and understanding the Earth?

What is the current status of the relationship between the federal government (i.e. public thinking) and indigenous nations. This includes legal status.

What is negative historical revisionism?

What activites are available locally for people interested in pursuing these ways?

Other topics will be addressed per the questions and interests of participants.

Some of the topics discussed: