"Last weekend we had a greater-than-expected turnout to hear Rick McBride...Rick did an excellent job of presenting the material...We were at capacity Thursday night for an inspired lecture on Native American spirituality...It almost seemed as if the spirits of the nature kingdom were speaking thru Rick, as his talk was extremely clear and offered much insight to the spiritual side of life, the need to learn to let go of fear and return to loving all others...Friday night he led us in a beautiful sweat lodge ceremony, so well attended that we had to divide the group into two parts...

The weekend workshop was so much more than I had expected---we learned how to approach our life's questions, and to apply the power of the...animals, trees, plants...to solve our problems.  He led us in a long session on Sunday so that each person could discuss their wheel with him in front of the group so that we could all learn from observing his approach."
B.D., Canandaigua, NY July, 2008

"I had taken a class on the Wheel several years ago...but after a week of classes I was not really sure what it was all about, and even though we walked the Wheel I had no idea what I was doing. As a student of Rick McBride's Native American Medicine Wheel class I was very impressed with his knowledge and ability to teach not only from his head but with his heart. It is evident that he loves what he teaches and he teaches in a way that is very simple to understand. I would recommend Rick to anyone wanting to learn more about the Red Road and how to work the Wheel to help you on your own path..."
Rev. S. J., Dania Beach, FL

...My life has taken such a change since your workshops I can't believe it...I am relaxed and came to realize anger only wastes what time we have here on earth...I've found I can channel my emotions into much more constructive things. What I have really come to realize is that the world is much more interesting and a good place to learn when viewed the way Native Americans view it...

...Winter to me was just a time to stay in the house and complain. I actually see it now as a season with it's own magical beauty. I love to walk in the dark...If it's night and a snowstorm that's even better...I love to be outside when you hear the wind starting to blow a storm in with the thrunder and lightning. I hope this says I have overcome my fears...

...My world is totally different now and I love it...I can't wait to see what the New Year has in store for me. Thank you again for changing my life.
"Rick I love your classes. You are a wonderful teacher and I am definitely inspired from all your teachings. Today I went to the Hard Rock Cafe and...found a book by Manny Two Feathers. I took it as a sign. I also had a dream...and I heard your words, "you should not touch someone else's sacreds." I pulled my hand back. Those words keep ringing in my ears over and over. You are so right about that. It is important to respect others..."
M.M., Atlanta, GA
Hi Rick, I thought I would drop you a line about some of the interesting things connected to the Medicine Shield I crafted ...In closing I just want to say that I traveled all the way from Cleveland for your workshop because I knew both you and your classes are the real deal. Thank You!
YH, Cleveland, OH
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"What a great gathering, very informative, I learned a lot! All of Rick McBride's classes just grab you at the gut level and really make an impact, it can change how you view and operate in/with the world..."


"It was a great relief to feel and express my feelings in a sacred safe ceremony. Grandfather Rick understood me and validated who I am. One step at a time my journey continues."

PC, Palm Beach, FL