In 1994 Cheyenne elder Hyemeyohsts Storm taught the true meaning of the medicine wheel to me. I had been running all over the map trying to learn as much as I could about anything Red Road, including - especially - this thing called a medicine wheel. I guess he took pity on me, because he gifted me this teaching, albeit in “Indianese.” That is, what he taught me was circular.

     For the next ten years I worked wheels until I eventually got reasonably competent at it. I say “worked” because Wolf gifted me a tool. And it was in the regular use of that tool that I eventually put my life back together after a disastrous decade beginning in 1983.

     In 2004 Cindy and I went to a place in the Clinch mountains of east Tennessee called Hidden Hollow. And it was hidden. Hope you don’t meet someone on the two miles of road going to it; not too many places to pass. We thought we’d be there a week for me to get grounded back in after sundance. We ended up staying three weeks.

     Hidden Hollow was forty acres nestled in among large, undeveloped mountain land holdings. We stayed in a hillside cabin that had a 24 foot porch across the front about fifteen feet above the gravel drive running beneath it. I started my days walking the mountain or rock-hopping the stream. I soon got the strong impulse to head back to the cabin, get out pencil and paper and start writing. But I can’t claim it was my writing. It felt more like I was taking dictation.

     I would write for a bit, maybe an hour or two, depending. Then it would just stop. So I’d lay my stuff down, go back out to see what adventure lay waiting for me. But after knocking around for a few hours, the impulse to write would return.
This went on every day for the next two plus weeks until the writing stopped. When I was certain there was no more, we decided we’d better head back to Florida.

     Once home, I started reading what was on the paper. At first, it didn’t seem to make a lot of sense. But eventually I recognized what happened and started to organize it in a more orderly way then I’d transcribed.

     What Wolf Storm had given me in indigenous, circular form, I put into mainstream, linear form. I would look at it from my mainstream point of view, imagine it was my first exposure to this teaching, and lay it out in a way that built on itself. Teaching algebra would be a good analogy.

     So, now what am I supposed to do?

     The following year, after much encouragement from others (and with Wolf's okay), I started teaching the Medicine Wheel based on what Wolf taught me, but presented in its linear form, which came through Spirit. That was a little over ten years ago.

     I feel very strongly the teaching in its linear format is every bit as valid and powerful as it was originally given to me. I can say this because of what I’ve experienced when I teach it to others; something magic happens, there is a presence that moves in and takes over, and it’s rapid-fire. I’ve seen scores of people now who have benefitted from the wheel in profoundly substantial ways.

     Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, too early to tell) I’ve succumbed to the True Believer syndrome where the Medicine Wheel is concerned. So if I annoy you with my occasional pushy attempts to get you interested in it, so be it. You can always walk away as some already have. I teach it once a year in south Florida because there are so few interested in what the Wheel can do for them. But maybe some day that will change and we’ll be able to organize groups who will work Medicine Wheels to solve the bigger problems. Group wheels work, and they reveal solutions not otherwise possible for two-leggeds to imagine on their own.

     Believe this or not, that’s up to you. Given Spirit took the time and patience to transmit these teachings to me in the form I present them in, and the way that it happened, I do feel Creator will help me to at least get enough people competent to carry this work on after I go home.
     Maybe it will catch hold then. Maybe there will still be time for those new solutions to reverse the damage the two-legged has done to the Earth Mother and all her many children, even the undeserving two-legged. After all, today's ecological and social disasters result from human behavior and nothing else.