A not-too-heavy look at events that have shaped mixedblood America today by federal and indigenous forces, with a little attitude, in the hope those forces will some day respect the reality that we exist and of who we are.
A brief discussion of the practice of mixing medicines and why people do it. Informative to the uninitiated, the purpose here to raise awareness of the practice and the motivations for it: ego and money!!

To properly celebrate that Great American Tradition of Fair and Honest Elections, I offer this temporal piece as my effort to make it even better than it already is. I know you're thinking this is just not possible, but if you'll wade through this article, I'm sure you'll agree this could really be the next wave in Political Prestidigitation.

A metaphysical interpretation of a thermodynamic law. When understood, it supports the idea that "thoughts really are things," and of our ability to physically influence not only our bodies, but our reality as well.
There are many people teaching the Medicine Wheel. What gives Me the right, and is what I teach authentic? Click the "Wheel" sitemap button on the home page for articles on the credibility of what I teach. This article is how it came to me.