Learn the core principles and concepts that inform authentic Medicine Wheels to move your life in the direction you choose, when you choose to.

     The Medicine Wheel will guide you on your Earth Walk. You'll understand the patterns that drive your life to make changes that elevate your awareness of the Natural world and the Spirit world. 

You will learn:

* The principles and concepts driving the spiritual and physical worlds
* How to deepen intuitive insights
* To fine tune your powers of observation and reason
* To work with the Spirits
* To function in the mystical

          The Medicine Wheel is fluid and adapts to your life as needed. Points on the Wheel anchor in certain qualities that combine with the appropriate Medicine Helpers to produce insights and direction that will carry you into expanded consciousness.

          The Medicine Wheel is perhaps the single most intriguing symbol of the ancient Americas. It is a physical structure typically made with stones arranged in a circular pattern, usually on consecrated ground. This configuration is big enough for people to enter, and Wheels built this way tend to be left standing for periodic use.
          Each point on the Medicine Wheel represents distinct qualities, or universal spiritual characteristics, what some call archetypes. On these points you'll place Medicine Helpers that you've chosen, often times for no obvious reason. But, you'll soon see the Spirits guiding you, whether you are used to having conscious experience with them or not.
          Once the medicine of the Helpers is understood, your course of action becomes clear as you develop your summary statement.