Giveaway Blanket

Giveaway blankets are simple and fun. And they can teach us about materiality, priorities, fear, humor, and more. If you choose to join us in the giveaway blanket, please understand it is not about getting rid of old junk you no longer want, sometihng hidden away in a closet for years then hoping others will bring something nice you do want.

We bring substantial items to a giveaway blanket that have meaning; items of value, items you have lived with for a while, that have meaning to you, maybe even some attachment; we bring our best. It should sting a little when someone picks it up off the blanket.

We start with the eldest or the youngest, depending. That person will pick up what she/he wants (once you touch it, it's yours -- no putting it down to pick up something else.) The person who gave the item picked up is then asked to tell us about it, how long she/he has had it, where did it come from etc. The person whose item was picked up gets to  choose next.

So you can see, people who giveaway what gets picked up first get to choose from a full blanket. A giveaway, when done with understanding, will clearly show you what's more important to you; material things or spiritual growth. A giveaway is also an expression of gratitude, in what you give away and for what you take away.

There will be a kind of running commentary as we have fun picking out what we want. Join in and bring something nice, something you value. You'll be glad you did.

Giveaway Blanket (and Teaching)
Sunday July 17
starts @ 5:30pm
donations honored

A small Giveaway Blanket I presented as a "thank you" to a few friends. The rolled white sheet contained a deer hide, there were rattles, buckskin-covered drum mallets, beaded appelettes, dreamcatchers, blankets, mini-rattles (went first!), prayer feathers.