Many events from our past that we would like to let go of have an element of trauma.  This can be anything from mental and emotional abuse to outright assault. You will learn about the Activity Cycle, which can be enormously revealing in understanding why certain  experiences can be so difficult to deal with. You will also learn about ways to reduce the emotional charge associated with traumatic events, how memories of them fragment, and how to correctly construct them in order to finally put them to rest.

It is not uncommon for a person to experience varying degrees of depression as a result of past bad experience. It is equally possible to get used to that, so much so we are not aware of it. This can occur when feelings and memories are repressed; pushed down so deep inside of us that we don't even remember the incident that drives the many ways depression can manifest.

Learned Helplessness is a term coined by Martin Seligman, PhD, who has devoted over 30 years to the clinical study of depression and the many psychological effects resulting from feeling it just doesn't matter what we do in certain situations, the outcome will always be the same. This is significant as it counters the long-held assertion that the complexities of depression are simply the result of repressed anger.

When we refute what we have come to believe is true, we often discover the falacy of it. A simple technique that can give immediate insights into erronious thinking.

When we are finally able to look at our journey as one of spiritual evolution, and then realize we have come out ahead of whatever it was that forced us to do some healing work on ourselves, it all comes together in a positive way. We begin to understand that qualities such as compassion, acceptance, and so on are not ideas we "do," but qualities of character we become.

When we look at the idea, then, of finding that "gift" inside of our situation and how it was a necessary part of our spiritual journey, we are finally able to see it, accept it, even express gratitude for it, and then move beyond it!