Altars are most often thought of in the context of churches where people come together for religious worship. However, altars have been with us for literal millennea from pagan times to the great cathedrals, everything from small country churches to corporate mega-churches. People rarely think of having a personal altar, though.

A personal altar acts as a bridge, bringing together your emotional, psychological, and spiritual natures in a holistic way; for healing, manifesting, meditation, prayer, all of which can be avenues to advance your spiritual understanding. Given all life events have meaning (a reason) it is in your best interest to do all you can to expand your spiritual understanding. Think of a personal altar as a spiritual tool that can help you accomplish that.

In this workshop, you will learn how to create and use a personal altar, a tool widely used by Native Americans, as well as other traditions. A well thought out altar has the ability to raise your emotional energy, in a balanced way, in order to access what and how you really feel about virtually anything you want to work on in your life. It is a focal point that can help you organize your mind and open your heart to create a more fulfilling life.

With a personal altar, you can work on literally any issue or opportunity you choose to, when you want to, and pretty much how you want to, including relationships, traumas, fears, or material needs. You will learn how to use critical thinking to discover what you really think of, and how you really feel about an issue, which can help you “script” any work you do at your altar.

Please bring any special “objects” you are working with, or that you think you might be in the future such as feathers, a particular rock, a statue or photograph, turtle shell, smudging sage and fan, or a candle, for instance. We can talk about it, and it might help others understand what some put on their altars and how such objects are used.
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