Receive physical healing

Drum healing is a form of energy healing. To heal physically, from our bodies to everything else in our physicial environment, whether it's a cold, something more serious, a relationship, or even a new job, can happen quicker when we are in a "good place" emotionally and psychologically. Drum healing helps us get there.

To Heal Through the Drum

Rick pic.
Rick pic.
Drum circles have become very popular these days. There are some 50-plus mature drum circles in south Florida (Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade Counties), most of which are social, or rhythm drumming. Ours is a healing circle where the drum is used as an energy healing tool.

Learn from Native American Teachings, in legitimate ceremony

Get in Touch With Your True Nature

We adhere to proper ceremonial protocols, the reasons for, personal benefits of, and meanings of which you will learn through regular attendance.
The people drumming, the songs, and the Spirits will open you to a deeper understanding and appreciation for the non-physical, or spiritual nature of who you really are.

Real Ceremony Continues Working Long After it is Closed

If ceremony and the Spirits do not continue to help us when we return to our daily lives, then why bother? Another way to benefit from healing ceremony is to "revisit" it when life gets tough. I often tell people when that happens to, "Come back here, in your mind and emotions -- remember who you are, ask the Spirits to help you." And they will.

Heal More Than Physically

We are holistic beings and as such are able to benefit from energy healing in many different ways beyond the physical.
Learn from Native American Teachings, in Legitimate Ceremony
Receive Physical Healing
Get in Touch With Your True Nature
Real Ceremony Continues Long After it is Closed
Heal More Than Physically
Charging Money for Ceremony (even "suggested donation")
     Renders the Ceremony Impotent
Lead Drum

This is ceremony and people who attend take it seriously. Please arrive on time; it is discourteous to those who do arrive on time to have to wait on people who are late. It also eats into the time we have allowed for ceremony as we cannot start until everyone is seated.

Please RSVP when you know you will make it, if that changes PLEASE NOTIFY US immediately so we can offer your seat to someone else.

NO ALCOHOL or DRUGS at least 24 hours prior to ceremony. If you do "recreational drugs" or have a drinking problem please let me know, I will get you help.

No recording devices, no broadcasting, no pictures, and please turn off your cell phone.

Women are encouraged to wear a skirt or dress as a way of honoring and asserting the power of the feminine, and the respect thereof.

Men: no hats, dress respectfully.

Lead Drum

My mainstream name is Rick McBride and I am your lead drum. I am mixedblood Tsalagi (Cherokee) and have been active ceremonially for over 30 years. I am a sundancer and have been educated over the years by various elders and granted the right to conduct ceremony, including inipiyati (purification lodge), canunpah (pipe) and others. My spirit name, passed to me in a traditional way at sundance in the Lakota language is Cante Lute (Schan-tay Lou-tuh) and means Red Heart. In Tsalagi, it is Adanvdo Gigagei.

These ways are not something I "do," they are who I am, and I take them very seriously, especially in today's environment where there are so many untrained, unauthorized people claiming they have the right to conduct ceremony when, in fact, they don't have a clue. By the way, that's how people get hurt. 

Proper protocols are observed, all songs are sung in their original language (usually Lakota), and respectfully. And we have fun, too!

Charging Money for Ceremony (even "suggested donation") 
Renders the Ceremony Impotent

My teaching on this subject is resolute: we do not charge money for ceremony.

Several years ago I was talking with my sundance chief and the topic of money for ceremony came up. I told him there was a lot of that going on in south Florida, some outright, some disguised as "suggested donation." He told me not to worry about it, I'd only make myself sick trying to be the ceremony police. And then he told me, "once someone puts a set fee for ceremony, it renders that ceremony impotent."

In a traditional setting, this was never an issue because the people were taught to support that which supported them. In today's economy, people think everything has a price tag. Unscrupulous or uneducated ceremonial "leaders" take advantage of that. Our drum circle is supported totally voluntarily by those who attend as they are able to.

This drum circle has continued for several years because of the voluntary support of its members.

I am not judgeing people who charge for ceremony. I am educating people to our ways.