All Drum Circles in Support of Standing Rock Until the Pipeline is Permanently Stopped

There is great power to do good when we come together to pray. Drumming has long been understood as a prayer when we dedicate ourselves to it. The Protecters of Mini Wiconi (Sacred Water) have stood their ground now for several months, even as the temperatures drop and emotions heat up. The government, through its many tentacles, is once again showing its true nature; its willingness to use violence against its own citizens.

Government is quick to act against violence among citizens, and properly so. Yet it just as quickly betrays that when it reserves for itself a "right" to levy even more forceful violence against citizens through the use of heavily armed SWAT outfitted by the military. A direct violation of the George Bush-gutted Posse Comatatus.

This is espeically egregious when those on the working end of that billystick are exercising their constitutional right to peaceful assembly to redress grievences. And on sovereign territory of the Sioux Nation, to boot.

Please take not: Your tax dollars are funding them.

The most powerful way to counter this is through actions such as Standing Rock. And prayer in support of those out there taking the abuse from a government that positions itself in the world as the One and Only True Champion of Human Rights and the Rights of Nature.

Again, please take note: These drum circles are just that. Drum circles. They shall remain peaceful and are not intended to be any kind of political rally; that is NOT what ceremony is about.

Our prayers are for the protesters AND those in corporate enforcement to be safe until this is resolved in favor of the Missouri River.