The Pipe, which you may sometimes hear refered to as a canunpa, a Lakota term pronounced cha-new[hn]-pah, is a sacred tool that is the cornerstone of ceremony. Given to the People so long ago nobody knows for sure, to bear the burden of a pipe for the people is a sobering responsibility. This persentation touches on:

                    How to handle a pipe
                    Kinnick-kinnick (herbal blend to smoke)
                    Who can "carry" a Pipe, and what does the term actually refer to
                    When is a Pipe used
                    How did the Pipe come to the People
                    What is a "pipe ceremony"
                    What is the symbolism of the Pipe

The purpose of this talk is to educate people so that they will learn to respect the pipe, not seek to own one to "play Indian," to impress friends, to boost the ego. But to learn how to conduct themselves around the Pipe so that they will get the maximum benefit from it.

It is enormously important to be truthful with the pipe. When used honestly, it will help you. When used deceptively, it will catch you and set things right, sometimes in a very public way. Virtually all native nations use the pipe; it is the most widely recognized common practice among Native People. And they all have stories that tell of how the pipe came to them.

To help you underdstand how the pipe can help you, there will also be in-depth consideration of;



Saturday November 19
1:00pm to 3:00pm +/-

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