owl medicine shield
owl medicine shield
hawk medicine shield
hawk medicine shield

A Medicine Shield is a tool that will help you develop singleness of purpose, the necessary consciousness to redirect old patterns by consistently focusing on what you do want, rather than trying to directly negate self-defeating habits.

Please note: This Shields workshop will be dedicated to the effort at Standing Rock. That means we will be creating Shields to help us keep that situation foremost in our thinking, prayers, and actions. Certain Medicine Helpers will be suggested for you to work with and we will talk about what is going on in North Dakota (beyond the pipeline) and how you can help.

As in all Medicine Shields work, you will develop your own "statement" of purpose. But this time it will be focused on addressing the physical and moral aspects of the pipeline and replacing the fossil fuel industrial complex with a clean, renewable energy cooperative. We may also touch on the issues surrounding indigeneous sovereignty, the history between Euro-America and indigenous nations and what all this means today and for our shared future.

Your Shield will become an object of beauty, something you'll want to look at and to work with: It won't be a "chore" to spend time with your Shield and the Medicine Helper(s) that you will have created a relationship with.

A Medicine Shield can be adapted to many uses. Once you learn how it works, you can make a Shield for virtually any good purpose.

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Saturday December 3
1:00pm to 4:00pm
materials provided, donation