The outer ring, the inner ring, or cairn, and the cross bars reference the Medicine Wheel. The color scheme of the outer ring is personal to me, as it should be with everybody who works with the Four Winds: there is no "standard" color scheme. Most people, however, use black where I have used blue. Using blue acknowledges my Tsalagi heritage.

The inner ring, or cairn, is solid red. It is the good red road and the sacred hoop, the circle of life, which is at the center of, and encompasses all that is.

The cross bars are the double helixes of our genetic code. Notice the colors segue at random throughout, the four colors symbolizing all the races of human kind merging and blending together over time, and in no particular order. On the surface, it is the symbol of the mixed blood. But the deeper meaning, of course, is the sentiment, "We Are One."

I had for some time carried this image in my head. I now carry it on my arm. I suppose a person could write a lengthy thesis on the many levels of meaning here, but I will leave that to those who like discovering these things on their own.