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Most people are surprised to learn traditional Native Americans do not practice an organized religion. When the word "religion" is applied to Indian culture, it is an accommodation to mainstream-think. The word, religion, also has certain legal benefits now that the Civilization Regulations are no longer forcibly imposed against Indian Country.

Among the benefits of attending this lecture is learning a contrasting worldview that will help you understand more fully a way of living that supports inner peace and respect for that power which created the universe and life, unobtrusively integrated into everyday living. For instance, you may come to accept and value personal experiences with Spirit more readily, something many Christian religions eschew, claiming this interaction ceased after the ancient Hebrew prophets left the planet.

Do indigenes pray, and if so, to who, and how many? Do indigenes "worship" the sun, or animals, or blood-letting? Are indigenes "warrior cultures?" If so, what exactly is a warrior? (this one might really surprise you) Do indigenous men dominate women, and demand they be "in submission" to them? Are indigenous ceremonies "barbaric," based on ignorant superstition? Do indigenes live in fear of an angry superspirit, of the Earth, of the weather, of death?

In 1990 about 8 percent of adults self-identified as "spiritual, but not religious" (SBNR.) By 2013 that number more than doubled, to 20 percent. The number of spiritual, not religious people under the age of 30 is about 35 percent! It is reasonable to assume there is a growing core within this population dedicated to non-religious spiritual practice, given other evidence.

When asked why he sent all missionaries away from his reservation, Chief Joseph said this:

For some, to be “spiritual, but not religious” is a path closer to Creator, free of the agenda and factionalizing of organized religions.

If you find greater peace sitting in a forest than in a pew, if you would rather listen to Spirit sing through the birds harmonizing with rapids in a river than sit inside four walls, if you hear the animals, or trees, or stone people when they talk, than you might just be ready to step more fully into an Earth-based spiritual life. Join us in this presentation and connect with other like-minded human beings.

Sunday May 7
2:00pm donation