Of the many uses of the hand drum, the journey with the drum is one of the lesser known. To journey with the drum is experiential, but it is not ceremony. We will ask for protection, smudge, and do the Hollow Bone before starting.

Prone or sitting, (your choice), we begin by quieting the mind. We then sequence into our heart-mind connection. For accomplished meditators, this will be easy and that strong "third-eye" sensation will not only start up on the forehead, but in the heart-solar plexus area as well. For people new to this, you will learn how this is done and how to strengthen it with practice.

A single drum in the background sets a slow and easy pace to begin the journey, a few words are spoken, loosely guiding you out of the material world, closer to the vail, where you will then take off on your own. But you will be safe at all times, the drum ensures that.

You will learn how to journey on your own, whenever you want, with your own drum. If you've ever wondered how the ancestors were able to communicate so freely with the spirits (of the animals, of the plants, of the stone people, and the Helper Spirits) you will come to understand this as your own consciousness begins to shift.