Long ago the ancestors who lived with the Standing People would sometimes wake in the night to hear their children crying. They would sometimes hear their sisters and brothers cry out, too. They came together to see if they could understand why, but they could not. So they asked the Spirits, and the Spirit Helpers told them that the people had not yet learned of dreamtime, so some dreams would feel good to them and others would feel bad. To help them with this the Spirits gave the ancestors the dreamcatcher and told them that when the dreams came, the dreamcatcher would capture all of them.
In the morning, the sun would return and it would burn away the bad dreams caught up in the web. But the good dreams would know how to make their way to the hole in the center, and when they did, they would go down into the feathers and be there until they would be called back another night. And this way the people had a way to be safe at night and to dream the dreams of happiness.
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