The Native American teachings, traditions, and lifeways help us to understand the relationship between humans and nonhumans. These relationships were established long ago between the ancients and the animal nations in order that they might all get along with each other and help each other survive. Today, the challenges to both humans and nonhumans in this world have changed dramatically. Yet, the Medicine Helpers are still honoring their agreements with humans. It is not only a benefit to engage the help of Animals, and of Trees and Grasses and the Crawlers and Winged Ones and Fishes, it is necessary for our mutual survival. We leave these nations out of the process of our own evolution at our peril. And theirs.

     Determining the ways a particular Animal Medicine Helper can help you comes from observation, meditation, listening, trusting intuition, and acceptance. You will learn some basic commonalities among various Helpers, which will help you determine the ways in which that Animal can help you. You will learn how to sensitize yourself in order to enhance your skills of observation and interpretation of Animal behavior, which will help you to extend natural behavior into useful metaphor. You will also learn how a good understanding of Medicine Helpers adds greater dimension to your every day life, and for those pursuing that relationship further through working with the Medicine Wheel or Medicine Shields just how profoundly these sentient beings can positively improve your life. Resource material and handouts.

Black vultures
     When you establish a conscious relationship with a particular Medicine Helper nation, you not only benefit yourself with its guidance, you become part of a small but unique group that has done so for millennia and that has been the very basis for the survival of humanity and the balance of the Earth. Creating a relationship with an Animal nation has as much to do with the success of the whole village as it does the personal success of any individual.

Black Vultures hanging out at the Pelican Harbor
Seabird Sanctuary. Vulture medicine: purification.

This guy was rescued from the road and has taken up residence in the pond. He's about 16" long on the shell and is quite fast and agile in the water.

This awesome photo taken by William Jobes

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Photo courtesy JD Smith, Jupiter Farms, FL