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Welcome to Mixedblood a site for mixedblood Native Americans and people interested in the Red Road
Mixedblood is dedicated to those who are descended in part from the indigenous people of North America. The focus is Native American spirituality and lifeways geared to familiarize mixedblood and other interested people with the Red Road. As such, lectures and workshops on the Medicine Wheel, Medicine Shields, drums, spirituality and more are presented. These are offered to everybody, regardless of heritage. These are no-nonsense teachings offered by Rick McBride, a mixedblood Ani’yunwi’ya (Tsalagi, or Cherokee) with over 30 years of active involvement in these ways.
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NOTE This website is currently undergoing major restructuring for at least a hundred reasons, the primary one being (aarrggghhh) software (aarrggghhh.) I decided to just let it happens as it happens. Website construction and maintenance is an ongoing process anyway, so why get all stressed about it. For a while, most of the links on the schedule page will take you straight to the Native American Teachings Meet Up where you’ll find a brief description. Some will take you to a breakout page on this site where you’ll find the details. Thank you for your patience.
updated June 13, 2018
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